The Perfect Pitch

Marian Winchell, Reporter

Choir, an activity in the past that was commonly associated with Sunday Morning church sessions, is now an increasingly popular extracurricular activity for students to learn and perform songs. 

Choir is an extracurricular activity where students practice and perform increasingly more difficult arranged music pieces for the enjoyment of themselves and others. Choir was adopted into schools sometime in the 19th century as a way to practice various art forms that could be used as tools to help students like Senior Kaden Crawford further benefit in life. 

“It’s a lot of fun, I have been in choir since I was in third grade. It kind of feels like a family to me, it’s like a second home. I love singing, my peers as well as my teachers kind of make the experience better tenfold. And, how do I say this I–it’s kind of one of the reasons why I enjoy coming to school,” Crawford said.

This musical activity varies widely from more common school entertainment like sports and student council activities, because of the close bonds between the participants and the artistic roots of Choir. Choir is not strictly for competitive purposes as well, or strictly for the benefit of others like other extracurricular activities, instead, Choir embraces both things as well as including benefits for self-fulfillment, and achievement. 

“As a person who has played just about every sport, I will say that choir is more fulfilling. It’s nice knowing there’s always work to be done, and there’s never going to be a time where you can’t sing. It’s very satisfying because you can use the skills you learn to make an occupation, and you can use that for all of your life. When you play a sport or something in the league you retire, your body wears out, but you will never stop singing,” Crawford said.

Choir can become like a second home for students, offering community, shared interests, and strong bonds of friendship made through overcoming challenges. Due to this comradery amongst peers, the choir transforms from just an ordinary class into something amazing, a family. 

“Other than singing, we kind of, we–it’s about understanding yourself and realizing you’re part of a group, you’re more of a small piece to a whole. It’s more or less to–It’s kind of every person is equally important and a part of something big,” Crawford said.

Due to Choir being such a fun and entertaining class students forget about its difficulties and instead focus on its good points, choosing to enjoy it as much as possible. Although choir can have its downsides they are mostly weighed out by its interesting and engaging nature.

“Learning, learning, and getting better because there is always room for more opportunity and with more opportunity, it’s just more fun,” Crawford said.

Being a relatively easy activity to participate in, choir provides a peaceful environment and long-lasting rewards for the effort spent. Unfortunately, some areas of choir are not as simple overall and are in consequence harder to audition into. Although, pretty much anyone can participate if they can understand the basics of singing. 

“Not at all, I would say it’s–you wouldn’t even realize you’re just jumping right into it. It’s just so fun, I almost forget that it’s a class that I’m learning in because it’s just so much fun,” Crawford said. 

Choir is available for varying skill levels and experience in singing, even though it is on a more selective level. Choir has several different early learning areas and more advanced ones that require an audition to join. Some of the more advanced levels like varsity choir are harder to become a part of due to their higher expectation when it comes to members. There are also things like a beginning choir where you can learn the basics and slowly climb to higher performing groups. 

“It depends on which choir you are in, it’s more of a…the ones that I’m in–show choir and varsity choir, you have to audition for them but they are always open to new voices, and new opportunities, new singers. It’s more or less to show, the audition process is to show that you are at the level that the other kids are, to read at a specific difficulty in music. I would say that it’s a very open environment and I encourage anybody who’s even remotely interested to try it out,” Crawford said.

Choir has almost no issues internally, but the few problems often occur most in the student members. As the years go by, as human nature, we start to question our capabilities and begin to doubt ourselves. This issue occurs in most youth, but with encouragement, they can regain their confidence and start again! On account of the strong familial ties in choir issues such as these are often weeded out early on.

“I remember there were specific times where I was feeling really down, and I wasn’t feeling very motivated to sing,” Crawford said. ¨A lot of my peers and teachers kind of lifted me up and brought me back to a place that I was at.¨