What’s Fun with Key Club?

Marian Winchell, Reporter

Key Club is a small organization with big goals, that strive to benefit both the community and its members.

Key Club is a student-led organization that devotes its time to helping the community. For students like Sammatha Castro (12), Key Club is more than points, it’s an environment where she can grow and learn as a person with help from her friends, and where she can help the underprivileged in her community. 

“Key Club is about helping others and helping out our community. A lot of people in Deer Creek don’t get a lot of help that they need just because people assume it’s Deer Creek, and everyone has all the resources they need, but that’s not always the case,” Castro said.

Key Club differs vastly from other extracurricular clubs, it combines the benefits of its members and benefits for society to create a fun and helpful environment. Key Club does a number of things for the public like donations and volunteer work. Numerous community projects aside, Key Club is a wonderful environment to make strong friendships that will last for years to come. 

“Volunteer work is a lot of fun. It’s collecting new resources and connecting to other communities you probably didn’t even know about in Oklahoma. It happens to me a lot when I collect more resources for the community. It connects you to a whole other side of our community you probably didn’t even know existed because of the mindset that everyone has everything that they need,” Castro said. 

Key Club is a relatively easy club to participate in, there are different levels of commitment and work in the group that allows members to gradually adjust to it. There is a multitude of ways to help the community that are not as difficult as coordinating donation drives, like cleaning up trash, and beautifying public areas. 

“No it’s not hard at all, it’s definitely easier than any chess club. For Key Club one meeting counts for points, so we can do volunteer meetings, informational meetings, and we can have fun meetings,” Castro said.

Key Club is a lifestyle choice, it helps you develop skills that will benefit its members in the future. This club helps you acquire skills like budgeting, decision making, social, and planning skills all of which are immensely helpful in your adult lives. 

“It’s not just a club for points, it’s a club for lifestyle. It’s not like volunteering to get points to get scholarships, it’s volunteering to make yourself a better person, and helping others,” Castro said. 

Of Course Key Club in our school looks much different than it did in previous years. Before, there were issues with an insufficient amount of members, but due to the quick thinking of the club that issue was solved. Meetings are now more fun and inviting, more engaging, they push members to be hands-on and active in the group as much as possible.

“I feel like the recruitment has gotten better, and meetings have been more interactive. I would say that we are able to do a lot more things that we haven’t been able to do because of covid, and we have been able to work more things into them [meetings],” Castro said. 

The drastic change in the way Key Club functions was vastly impacted by the members. They spent time thinking about how they could make the club more exciting and inclusive to further draw members in. As well as sending out messages, flyers, and announcements to spread the word about the club. Due to their quick and innovative thinking, membership levels improved and the club was able to live on for another year.

“I feel like I have made the meetings more exciting, and just more fun in general. Instead of just one person talking, there is more inclusion. I feel like I’m really good at getting more people involved and getting people out of their comfort zone, and more active in the meetings,” Castro said.