The Importance of Easter

Marian Winchell, Reporter

Easter is a celebration of spring and new life, but the question remains how do the younger generations celebrate Easter, if at all.

Easter is a long-standing religious holiday that celebrates the resurrection of Jesus, a deity in Christian scriptures. Although Easter is more commonly thought to be celebrated by mainly older generations, its importance is still recognized by junior Zoe McDowell. McDowell is a believer in the Christian faith who, although being of the younger generations, celebrates the joys of Easter with family and friends, going against the stereotype. 

Easter is very important to me because I believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, and it’s very important to me and my family that we get to celebrate something so significant and big that happened for us,” McDowell said.

Easter is known for having many unique traditions that vary from specific areas of the Christian faith and for its variations person to person. Although Easter has many variations, it has many common components like an Easter feast, some sort of religious worship, and an Easter egg hunt. 

“Usually, I go over to my grandparents house, and we eat a big meal together, and we just celebrate the fact that Jesus died on the cross and stuff. We are a kinda religious family, so we do celebrate Easter very religiously over the years. We just go over and have a big dinner,” McDowell said. 

Religious communal celebrations are a big part of Easter; many of them are Easter Sunday services. These services usually contain a speech of sorts from a pastoral figure, hymns of praise celebrating Jesus’ resurrection, and a communion service where the commemorations of Jesus’ sacrifice is held. 

“Normally, we do this thing called communion. We do this in the church as well, so we just basically take a little glass of grape juice and a little piece of bread, and it’s like taking the blood and the body, and just doing communion,” McDowell said. 

Unfortunately, Easter has started to stray from its focus on the resurrection of Jesus and has instead incorporated other things like Easter egg hunts and a mysterious bunny. Over 300 years ago, the Easter bunny began to appear in Easter traditions and has now spread worldwide. Some believe that the Easter bunny shouldn’t be the main focus of the holiday and should instead be a fun sideshow to the holiday’s religious traditions. 

“I think Easter should definitely be more centered around the Christian faith and less stuff like…[rabbits and eggs],” McDowell said. 

Although Easter was started as a way to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, over the years it has become an important way to commune together and to share the joy and simplicities of life. Celebration with family and friends is important to the spirit of the holiday, because of its underlying roots in community, and it makes Easter even more enjoyable. 

I think Easter is an opportunity to get together with your family and celebrate getting to live with each other and have each other’s backs and just being there for one another,” McDowell said.

Easter has many beautiful memories that coincide with it. Some of them are waking up and finding a gift in an Easter basket as a small child, Easter egg hunts with family and friends, some absurd play the church had put together, or sitting in a circle with your fellow children church goers intently watching a picture book depicting Jesus’ story. Every memory is precious and special, and each of them specifically creates how you are today. 

 “I remember waking up when I was, like, 10 on Easter morning, and I went to go check my Easter basket, and I had the cutest little stuffed ballerina bunny, and I loved that thing to death. I still have it,” McDowell said.