Favorite Teacher

Brady Hendrix, Reporter

“When going through school,” people will have many teachers, but there are certain things that make a favorite teacher. Such as being kind and handing out easier assignments. However, that is just what a favorite teacher might do. Favorite teachers aren’t always people’s best teachers, and they might not even be good teachers..

“My favorite teacher was in 8th grade. Her name was Mrs. Sughrue and she was short and brunette. She teaches literature,” freshman Colten Roberts said.

Everyone has different favorite teachers for different reasons.

“My favorite teacher is the band director, Mr. Cassady. He teaches 6-12th grade band, and the jazz band. He is a great band director, and a good friend. He became my favorite teacher in 6th grade when we were first learning how to play our instruments,” freshman Spencer Hager said.

There are certain qualities that make a teacher a person’s favorite teacher.

“There wasn’t really a specific reason she was my favorite teacher. She was just kind, funny and very empathetic,” Colten said.

For different people, there are different reason to be a favorite teacher, such as quality.

“He is a great teacher, and an even better person,” Spencer said.

Even though a teacher is someone’s favorite, it doesn’t always mean that they were the best teacher.

“She probably wasn’t the best teacher but definitely was a good teacher,” Colten said.

However, favorite teachers can also be the best teacher a person has.

“He is definitely the best teacher I’ve had,” Spencer said.

Teachers become a massive part of kids’ lives, so it’s inevitable that a student will be changed, or learn something from a teacher.

“I feel that I became a better person after spending time in her class,” Colten said.

When there is a different teacher, then there is a different story.
“He taught me to love music and band, and he gave me something to do with my life. He also doesn’t just teach band, he teaches  life skills and how to be a better person. He also taught me how to be a part of something much bigger than myself,” Spencer said.