A Bonfire Blitz

Christina Salem, Reporter

The night of November 11, 2021, was the night of heat. Bonfire. Heat. People huddled together. Heat. Bleach processing on a scalp… Heat? The 2021-22 school year has been pegged as memorable, but not in the cliched way that one might expect. 

“I think someone just said, ‘Hey let’s all bleach our hair,’” sophomore Toran Smith said.

The football team radiated excitement as they had clawed their way up to the playoffs. Most players, including Smith, bleached their hair in celebration of the upcoming game. 

“Most of my friends and family weren’t big fans of it, but that was no big deal,” Smith said.

As unpopular as it might have been, Toran Smith was outwardly unfazed.

“[Someone told me] that it looked like pee,” Smith said. “But I liked it. I thought it was a cool change. It was the first time I’ve ever had a color change to my hair.”

As time went on, Smith’s feelings about his hair wavered.

“I still think it looked cool in the beginning, but when it started growing out, it looked real bad,” Smith said.

Smith has no qualms about bleaching his hair again if the opportunity arises.

“I would definitely change my hair if we make playoffs again,” Smith said.

Most events in high school might be long forgotten in thirty years or so, but Toran Smith and many other members of the football team will always remember getting their hair bleached on a random Thursday evening by a teammate’s mom.