The Pros and Cons of Track


Drake Munn, Brady Conway, Ryan McIntosh, Gilbert Velez, and Taylor Smart after their Distance Mile Run.

Brady Hendrix, Reporter

Extracurricular activities vary depending on what someone is interested in. Some may like playing football while others like to participate on the academic team. However, extracurricular activities aren’t always fun. There are moments of pressure, knowing that what they’re doing must be perfect and precise

Freshman Taylor Smart sometimes experiences pressure in his extracurricular. These activities can be fun, stressful, and challenging all at the same time, but what makes it truly worth it?

“I was in cross country last semester and I am in track this semester. They are for the school. I started running late July and I’ve been running since then,” Taylor said.

These activities can sometimes have pressure involved.

“There is pressure to work your hardest. You definitely put the amount of responsibility on yourself. You can not work hard at all and still be able to be in Cross Country or Track or you could try to be the best in the state. It’s totally up to you,” Taylor said.

However, there are bound to be negative things that come with everything.

“It takes up a lot of time so if you are used to having a lot of free time or relaxing that’s gonna be minimized by it. It’s a big surprise starting it this year with all the commitment that it involves,” Taylor said.

There are also stressful activities that go with everything as well.

“One of the most stressful events is just training because it takes up a lot of time because you’ve got around three to four hours in all with camp rotation and running that you have to take out of your time to do other homework or anything else to do,” Taylor said.

Though Taylor seems negative, he still likes them. These extracurricular activities can be fun activities to participate in.

“I mean some days you’ll get burned out especially since it’s mostly the same thing. As long as you’re talking with friends it’s fun. It’s good,” Taylor said.

Depending on the activity, someone’s life can change.

“I think it has helped become more social and kinda helped me meet more people especially since I don’t really tend to be the most outgoing towards people. I just try to stay in my friend circle, so it has helped with that. It has also helped me with time management skills because I do tend to procrastinate a lot and it kinda forces me to focus,” Taylor said.

Just cause you try a sport, it doesn’t always stick. “I’ll probably do it throughout highschool. I might join a club or two, maybe chess, but I would rather just stick with what I have now cause I feel like I have enough on my plate,” Taylor said.

If Taylor does Track/Cross Country, then he knows how it is first hand. However, would he recommend it?

“I would especially if you want to do a sport that’s not necessarily the hardest to start out on. It’s not like a sport where it involves a lot of knowledge to get into,” Taylor said.

After hearing the pros and cons, the main thing is whether it is worth it or not.

“I would say it’s  worth it especially if you just wanna stay active or  meet new people. It’s definitely a good way to meet new people especially that you probably wouldn’t have met before,” Taylor said.