Adjusting Appearances


  Many people have reported a change in their physical appearance since quarantine, a change much more drastic than any other break or summer. With the lifestyle change of staying at home, more people have reported the more interesting and unexpected effects of COVID quarantine, mainly naming appearances.

   Destiny Keifer (11) is someone who feels as if they found their style over quarantine.

   “Right as COVID happened, I moved from California to Oklahoma. It was during my freshman year, so I was at a very awkward point in my life,” Keifer said. 

   Keifer, like many others, fell victim to bad style, and a bad haircut.

   “I cut my own bangs; it was awful. No one ever told me that you have to recut them every time you style them. I went to a hairstylist to try to fix it, but she told me that she couldn’t do anything. I just had to wait for it to grow out,” Keifer said.

Keifer’s move to Oklahoma was in between their eighth and ninth grade year. Three words they used  to describe their aesthetic back in 2019 are “Absolutely No Aesthetic.”

“I used to have my mom buy me clothes,” Keifer said.

   The dichotomous change in appearance led to many comical experiences. 

   “This one time, I saw my math teacher at Coffee Jerks, and she didn’t even recognize me. She was used to my bangs and my mask, and I didn’t have my mask on, and I didn’t have my bangs, and so when she realized, she was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ and I was like, ‘Yeah, I changed. The bangs grew out… finally,’” Keifer said. 

   Keifer accredits Harry Styles and Emma Chamberlain as their major style influence.

“I wore what everyone else was wearing, which is not always what you need to do. I always wore true neutral colors. Now, I know what suits me. I wear what I like and what makes me look good and feel good. I’m not afraid of a pop of color or a statement piece,” Keifer said. 

   Three words they used to describe their aesthetic now are “Different Every Day.” While COVID has been thought as a negative experience for many, it also had some positive outcomes.

   “COVID definitely changed me a lot, and I didn’t even realize it until afterwards,” Keifer said.