Best Gift Received

Marian Winchell, Reporter

     Even though we have all been told that it is better to give than to receive, there is just something wonderful about receiving a meaningful gift.

     “A special gift is something that is just super special to me, like if someone that i’m really close to gives me something, i will cherish it forever,” Kuns said

     Effort put into creating gifts varies from person to person, but putting an immense amount of work into a gift for a special person in your life is like a habit. Working to make someone you cherish happy is like second nature, for Payten Kuns creating a hand painted picture of the USU stadium for her great grandpa.

      “I think probably whenever I put the most effort into picking a gift I actually make it myself, I’m actually making my great grandpa a painting of the OSU stadium, and that’s probably like the most effort I have ever put into a gift,”  Kuns said. 

     A gift is an amazing thing that leaves the receiver happy, knowing they were thought of and considered when choosing a gfit, even if the gift somewhat misses the mark.  We can be sure that when given a “best gift” the giver must have felt delighted to see the recipient’s joy at the gift, and even more so if the recipient says they like or cherish the gift.  Even if the gift is simple, knowing that you were remembered enough to receive a gift is a wonderful feeling in itself.

     “Honestly I feel like it just depends because if they are struggling and they just need that little gift that makes them know that you’re there for them and stuff like that, and they see that you know they are struggling,”  Kuns said.

     A special gift from the heart can leave a mark on those that receive it.  Spreading joy through a simple act is a great way to build friendships.  A lasting gift will stay in their minds forever, and influence their opinion of you.  Basing a gift off of know interests of the recipient will make the gift more meaningful, and having a process will make the gift picking process easier

     “I pick gifts based on stuff that they favor like I ask for stuff in a specific category and then look for stuff that falls into that category or I ask what they pretty much want as a gift,” Kuns said.”

     The process for choosing gifts can be hard especially when you don’t know the person that well. Choosing  gifts like gift cards might not seem like the greatest gift, because they don’t come from the heart, a gift card is just a last minute gift that leaves the recipient thinking that they apparently are not that close with you so you threw something together with little thought or emotion invested.

     “The most troublesome gift picking experience Surprisingly would be  buying gifts for my mom for her birthday because we are both super picky and we have like opposing aesthetics and like opposing jewelry options so Ilike had to go to different stores and everything and that I did not know really what they sold there,” Kuns said.

     When giving a gift, ones with emotion and thought put into it are the more well thought out and well meaning gift.  Successfully raising an opinion is a simple side objective of gift giving.   How much time and effort you put into a gift will reflect back on you.  Maintaining a system for choosing gifts will overall make the process smoother and more streamlined.

     “Usually I pick out random things that I find and then once I have chosen all of the things that I find I go down the list of what I got and I’m like ok they probably wouldn’t want this, but they would definitely want this,”  Kuns said.

     Although picking a gift for someone you don’t know very well or doesn’t match you very well can be tricky it is always important to remember what the person you are shopping for would want and try to match it as closely as possible. Meeting the recipient’s wishes should always be kept in mind, for not many will truly appreciate or use a gift that they don’t like.  Even if your taste varies completely from the recipient, never choose something that only you would like.

     “It honestly just depends on what it is and where I go. Some places it is super easy to find gifts for people just cause I’ll know where things are located and all that.  But sometimes it is kinda difficult if I don’t know where it would be sold,” Kuns said.