Student Shop

Marian Winchell, Reporter

     The prospect of running your own business while participating in school is often daunting, an ideal that freshman Karys-Faith Barreda chose to overcome.

     Starting her own business is something Karys Barreda only dreamed about until receiving a Cricut Explore Air 2, a sticker printing machine for Christmas, spurring her on to start her own sticker printing business called House of Stix. House of Stix continued to break all expectations due to Barreda’s determination and grit.

     “It’s something I have always wanted to do. I like being in charge. I like being able to run things and so whatever i got the opportunity to like i wanted to jump on it and be able to help ,” Barreda said. 

     Shockingly, Barreda’s business started in an unexpected way. Wrapped in paper lay a Cricut Explore Air 2, hidden underneath a Christmas tree. Obtaining the sticker printing machine led Karys to start her business which quickly rose in popularity. The profit surpassed her cost in materials in only two weeks. A thing never thought possible.

     “I got a printer for Christmas, which is what I use to make stickers. I saw it and I was like oh this is something I like to do,”Barreda said. I asked my parents for it for Christmas, and then I just really jumped right into getting all the supplies. I bought a lot of the supplies with my own money so I was responsible for buying them.” 

     The creation of House of Stix came about in a seemingly mundane way on facetime with her friends, leading Karys to begin work for her business that night.  Prompted by her friends, House of Stix business instagram account was created soon after leaving the call, marking the official start to House of Stix.

      “I was on FaceTime with my friends and I was like hmm maybe I will do this. As soon as I  got off facetime I set up a business  instagram”  Barreda said. 

     For Barreda, running a business was harder than expected but with the help of her sister she was able to overcome any difficulty that arose over time due to unexpected costs and issues.  Despite the fact that there were some unprecedented problems the business continued to grow under the care and direction of Barreda.  

     “Running a business was definitely a little bit harder than I thought, but I had my sister to help me, which was very sweet. I mainly did a lot of  the business management myself, although at the beginning I did not realize all the things to cover and stuff like that,” Barreda said.

While running a business is difficult it contains plenty of lessons that can be used throughout life. Skills like money management, shipping and social skills all play a heavy impact in the direction of House of Stix. Of course the quality of Barreda’s product is excellent as it is one of the things she takes pride in.  Hours are spent in the creation, packaging, and  production of her stickers. With extensive care administered to prevent any damaging of her products.

     “You really have to take responsibility in the business, but it helps out a lot with socializing skills. Having to reach out to people, something I have always struggled with, so it has really aided me in that aspect,” Barreda said.

     Running a business has a steep learning curve, but it has ultimately been worthwhile, as it resulted in the steady progression of the business’ quality, orders, and production rate. Maintaining a sense of responsibility for any issues that may arise has always been a priority to Barreda and is one of the many things she strives to maintain while running her business.

      “I learned mainly how to be responsible with time, because you really don’t realize how long it’s going to take to ship stuff off and to make sure that everything you make is good enough quality for the buyers,” Barreda said. “[Having a business means] you have to give yourself  a certain standard that you may not have realized and how to be a more responsible person with the business.”

     The rapid progression of House of Stix led to the cost of buying the materials to be surpassed within a couple of weeks out of the 5 months of operating. Surpassing all expectations for this small business, House of Stix will surely continue to grow and profit.

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