Thanksgiving, the Forgotten Holiday

Marian Winchell, Reporter

 Squished between Christmas and Halloween, a certain holiday is often out of mind and surpassed by its neighbors on the calendar, left to stew in it’s turkey juices. Thanksgiving.

     Overlooked by most, Thanksgiving, the oldest national American holiday is disregarded, the true historical ties to Native Americans lost, buried amid the food and Black Friday sales.  Junior Alina Hemani believed that the holiday should be more centered on the historical aspect of Thanksgiving and less on the simplistic version of it.  Disclosing the true meaning of Thanksgiving to resurrect its lost importance from the mountains of myth and falsehood.

     “Because of the Native Americans and what happened to them, and how their land got taken away. I like to think it’s significant to remember the suffering of the native americans during Thanksgiving, who said”

     Celebrating a turkey, and other common misconceptions have left many to debate its importance. Unfortunately, not truly understanding this holiday’s origins leaves this once historically important holiday to be brushed off and swept under the rug by the imperfect views of those who celebrate it.  Resulting in the true meaning of Thanksgiving to be excluded from common knowledge.

     “If people looked at it as less of a celebration and were more knowledgeable about it.  I feel like a lot of people need to look at what Thanksgiving is really about so I feel if people looked into the history more they will get more feeling for it, ” Hemani said

     The prospect that Thanksgiving may in fact be considered pointless in coming years is unfortunately a growing prospect.  With many pushing aside the holidays’ important roots to rather enjoy the surface of the holiday, leaving out it’s rich history.  Since the holiday’s authentic past has been overshadowed, the holiday as a whole will continue to fade from our minds unless something is done about it.

   “I don’t think Thanksgiving is pointless.  I just dont think its purpose was necessarily in a celebration which is kinda how we view it which I don’t like.  I think that it should be recognized because of its significance towards Native Americans and the impacts they went through, ”  Hemani said.

      Thanksgiving, an already small American holiday, is shrinking rapidly, those who used to enjoy it now focus on other holidays leaving behind a miniscule group of people who enjoy and prefer this holiday.  Due to the decrease in Thanksgiving’s popularity and the increase of starting to celebrate Christmas earlier and earlier, Thanksgiving has been pushed farther from the populace over time.

      “I think maybe just Americans in general, I don’t think there is really a specific group of people, just overall most Americans do like thanksgiving more than other countries. I guess it’s like the country where it is seen the most.” Hemani said

     When the word Thanksgiving is brought up it is often met with a surface level understanding that has been adapted by society and projected at future generations, successfully caring on a misinterpretation of Thanksgiving.  This misinterpretation has painted over the original meaning revealing a new outlook that has been used for decades.

     “Hearing the word Thanksgiving I think of Cristopher Columbus, Native Americans, turkey, and food.”  Hemani said.

     The importance of Thanksgiving no matter how vague is still somewhat remembered by those who celebrate it.  Grasping the concept of Thanksgiving is harder than it once was. This holiday’s importance and meaning is lost through the generations, due to the blurring of its story.  Yet it still remains important to  and meaningful to its celebrators.

     “Thanksgiving is important because of community, family, and friends. I feel like it’s a good time to get together with your family and to look back on history and go over the events of what really happened, which was the suffering of the Native Americans,”  Hemani said.