Freshman Winter Formal Opinions

Brady Hendrix, Reporter

As the semester has reached its end, winter formal may be on your mind, thinking of how it went. For others, it may have never been on their mind, and it was just another day that didn’t warrant any excitement.

After the dance some students were asked about why they thought we had winter formal.

“To make money. Why else would you think a school would do anything…to make money,” freshman Graham Harris said.

Ryan Estle thought something else, however.

“So friends can hang out, outside of school, that’s the only thing I came up with,” Freshman Ryan Estle said.

The students then were asked if they thought winter formal was important.

“Kinda, well in reality, how much funds does it really raise for the school. Now it is fun for like couples I guess, but the problem is like it wasn’t really that fun,” Graham said.

Ryan had a different outlook.

“Personally, no. Not at all. We can hang outside of school by ourselves,” Ryan said.

They were then asked what they would change about winter formal.

“Give us a bigger area, don’t make it a tiny room. It sucked. It was pretty toasty in there,” Ryan said, 

Graham then shared his perspective on the matter.

“I’d make it better cause it was two rooms in a very hot building where you got to go outside a little bit. The music was bad, it was all played on a phone. I’d actually have Christmas decorations, have real Christmas songs, have a slow dance part, actually have concessions cause they just gave us water and yeah. That’s pretty much it. So I’d change the whole thing,” Graham said.