Changing Schools or Changing the School?

Keegan Jacobs, Reporter

     This time of year, many kids are filling out forms in order to go to a different school. Many reasons cause students to switch schools, and with everything that has changed due to the pandemic it has given parents and their kids a chance to reevaluate how their school district is meeting their needs. Yes, one of the most important things about school is learning and understanding all the different subjects, but equally important is feeling accepted and having a safe and supportive community to surround yourself with. 

        Sophomore Sophia Thompson had been a student at Deer Creek schools for over seven years. Deciding to leave the district in the middle of her freshman year was definitely a hard decision for her, but it was the right one. There were numerous reasons that made her decide to leave, but some of the main were issues with the school not being inclusive.

    “When I first came to Deer Creek it was a really good school and fit, but as the years went on, things progressively got worse (referring to issues like racism and homophobia within the student body),”Sophia said.

       Issues like bullying, racism, and homophobia are present in most schools, but through the years at Deer Creek, Sophia hasn’t been the only one who has seen an increase in those issues.

       “Something that Deer Creek could have changed that would’ve made me want to stay there would be being more inclusive, and the administration being more open to criticism and feedback from students, and then trying to change from there,” Sophia said.

         Towards the beginning of the year, the administration gave students a survey with questions about different issues some students endure, and what the school can do to help. Since then, they have also started the Deer Creek Inclusivity Committee. It is clear that the administration is trying to make an effort to improve the school climate.

           “Some things that I miss and am still missing are some of the friends at the school that I have had for years, and some of my teachers that have honestly changed my life,” Sophia


          Through the good and the bad, Sophia says she definitely made the right decision to leave the district, but she is grateful for the good experiences she got here. There are many students in the district that are going through some of the same things she saw around her, but not all of them have the option to move schools. It is good that Deer Creek is attempting to make some things better for students, but there is still a lot more that needs to be done in order for this to be the best community for all students.