Parent Page Controversy

Keegan Jacobs, Reporter

 Over the years, the Deer Creek Parent Page on Facebook has become a great way for parents to spread important information regarding the school and the community, but during the first lockdown, it became very controversial. Disagreements regarding COVID, school board elections, and even how teachers are running their classes differently due to the pandemic have become frequent and harmful.

       Freshman Ava Beery, whose mom is on the parent page, has heard a lot about some of the issues stemming from the page. One of the more recent disagreements Ava heard about were parents making polls on the page about whether students should go back to school for four days a week. This caused a lot of unsettlement on that page until Deer Creek announced the decision to go back to school everyday except Fridays. 

        “I feel like the polls weren’t necessarily pointless. I feel like the parents were being heard, but I don’t feel like it’s right to argue about something especially when it’s about safety and protecting the students,” Ava said.

         Another issue causing an uproar on the parent page was also related to remote learning. Parents attacked the school board’s decision to not go back to school, and some were even criticizing teachers and calling them “scared,” when they had almost no resources and safety precautions in place yet to protect the students, let alone protect themselves. 

          “I feel like it is definitely wrong to be talking negatively about our teachers, especially when it came to the pandemic, and no one really knew what was right or wrong,” Ava said.

            Though the parent page is “official,” it is not run by any school administrators. Because the page was created by the parents, many think that they should be able to give their own opinions on topics regarding the schools. 

            “Since you have freedom of speech, and it’s a Facebook page, I feel like parents should be able to say whatever they want. The school definitely shouldn’t have to listen to them through a Facebook page though. There should be another platform for that if parents want to get things across to the school board,” Ava said.

            Though some conflicts have arisen due to the parent page, it is still a very convenient place for people to get important information about the district. Many parents help other parents find good doctors and dentists to go to, and even find out where the best coffee places are.

              “I feel like the parent page can be very beneficial because it helps spread information and build a community between the parents and families in the district,” Ava said.

              Though there has been drama on the parent page that has definitely increased due to the pandemic, it is still a helpful place for families to find answers regarding questions they have about the school district. Is the parent page more helpful than harmful? That’s debatable, but one thing for sure is that as adults on their own platform, they are the only ones who decide how they use it.