The Final Curtain

Gracie Hendrix, Editor

  As seniors are preparing to graduate they look back on the time that they spent at Deer Creek and how it has affected, changed, or shaped their lives.

  A lot can change in four year of high school and a lot of the time people leave here differently than when they started. 

  “I think my time here has been more positive than negative, I met a lot of really nice people, and a lot of people that I’ve been friends with since Freshman year that I’ve grown to practically be family with and I’ve learned to grow out of my shell and be confident with myself,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.

  High school can be a challenging time on normal terms, but with school from home and an added global pandemic, this year was anything but normal.

  “The hardest thing this year was probably staying on top of things and turning in a lot of my work and trying not to have a lot of missing assignments,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.

 However, although this year was hard Shahbazi did his best to make it a year to remember.

  “Believe it or not this year was probably my favorite because we got to do so many different things in Drama and all that, and getting to see my friends again after such a long time, it was just really nice,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.

  Cyrus Shahbazi has been a key student in the Drama department since entering high school. He has appeared in and been involved with numerous shows including but not limited to, The Addams family, Godspell, Newsies, and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee. 

“Drama has helped me find myself, be more confident in who I am, and learn how to express myself better. Performing on stage every year and getting to have fun has shown me a different side of myself that I never knew I had,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.

  As much as Shahbazi loves Drama, it would not be the same without his favorite teachers who have helped him along the way.

“Mr. Johnson and Mr. Cheek, my Choir teacher and my Drama teacher, are definitely the ones who have helped me the most. I have worked with them the most throughout high school all four years and I’ve grown closer to them. They’re like my two other dads that I never had,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.

  Shahbazi wants to continue to do Drama in the future and hopefully even as a career. 

  “I plan on attending OSU and majoring in theater, and after that probably moving to New York City,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.

  Shahbazi is preparing for one of the biggest roles in his high school career, a senior who is about to graduate. This big role will be a part of his final high school show, graduation, where the final curtain will close, signifying the end of his time here and his entire high school career.

  “I’m excited to kind of get out of here, move on, and go to another chapter of my life, but I’m also kind of nervous because I don’t want to be an adult yet,” Cyrus Shahbazi said.