Vaccinations: are things finally getting better?

Keegan Jacobs, Reporter

     With a recently released vaccine for adults, to many people it looks as if things might be able to return to how they were before COVID. As of right now, mostly only doctors and older people have been vaccinated, but there’s a possibility more people will have access to it soon. 

     Freshman Aleena Mathew was one of the first students who had a parent receive the vaccine. Her mom, a doctor, received her first dose on January 12th, and her second dose on January 22nd. Both Aleena and her mom are excited for things to go back to normal.

      “I feel like when more people start getting the vaccine, Corona will start getting a lot better,” Aleena said.

       Aleena and many others are looking forward to hanging out with all their friends again to make up for the time they missed over quarantine. Many students have friends that don’t go to school on the same day they do which is another.

      “I miss seeing my friends, so that’s another thing the vaccine is doing to help with,” Aleena said.

       There still hasn’t been an approved vaccine for people under 16, so things probably won’t go completely back to normal until a vaccine gets approved.”

      “I feel like I don’t feel a lot safer because I don’t have the vaccine yet, but I know my mom does,” Aleena said,

      Now that the vaccine has been released for adults, and a vaccine for kids is in the process of being approved, things are starting to look up for many people. Though most people won’t be vaccinated until the end of summer, it’s exciting to see things starting to calm down again.