COVID Over the Holidays

Keegan Jacobs, Reporter

     The holidays this year have been different than most due to COVID 19. Many families weren’t able to go on vacations, and some weren’t even able to see their extended family. 

       Freshman Maddie Szallar is one of many who’s holidays were affected by COVID. There were many changes in how her family celebrated including not being able to travel.

      “I feel like the biggest difference for my family was not being able to travel after Christmas because usually we like to spend Christmas day at home and then go somewhere until New years,” Szallar said.

        Some of the small things we take for granted during the holidays are what some missed most about this year. Whether it was a small family tradition that wasn’t able to happen this year, or a Christmas play that got cancelled, or even Malls not being able to have Santas for kids to talk to, all of these things affected the joy of the holidays.

      “I think the thing I miss most about the holidays before COVID was how happy the malls seemed because everyone would be blasting Christmas music, and everyone would be in a rush. There were just a lot of people. It’s needed to be separated and be safe now, but it was a little sad seeing that noticeable of a difference even though it’s not one of the most impactful ones.”

       Many things changed this year, but some traditions were able to stay the same.

      “The thing that I don’t think changed the most with this year was Christmas day and Christmas morning because my family usually spends Christmas morning at home, so since we were going to be at home anyway, It didn’t really change it that much,” Madison said.

     Many people were so overwhelmed this year that they forgot one of the most important parts about the holidays; family.    

 “I liked how since we did have to stay home, we got to enjoy each other’s company more,” Maddie said, referring to her family. Though her extended family wasn’t able to visit, her older sister who goes to college in Texas was still able to come home. Many colleges let their students stay at their home longer than usual, so this brought joy to many families, including Maddies”.

    The holidays were definitely different this year, but many people were able to find happiness and during them. It’s easy to look for the bad in situations like this, but many good things did come out of it for most.