New School Nerves

Anna Kurian, Reporter

 Everyone knows the feeling of being the new kid. Not knowing anybody, the way to your classes, or even where your locker is. However, this year is a little different, and being a new student is a lot more stressful and scary. Coming to a new school in the midst of a pandemic is no easy task. 

   Freshman Sara Abdullah came to Deer Creek in the middle of the school year and came from Stillwater Junior High. She was nervous at the beginning of the second semester, but after a couple of weeks, she made some friends and felt she was starting to fit in more at the school. She also learned to find her way to her classes across the campus. And now, she doesn’t feel so nervous, or even scared.

   “The campus is really big, so it took me a while to get used to it all. And I kept getting lost, but everyone here is really nice,” Sara said.

   When she looked lost, students would ask if she needed help. And she also mentioned that the phone policy at Deer Creek was not what she expected.

   “I… expected to get scolded a lot more for being on our phones,” Sara said.

   She explained that at her old school, she didn’t use devices very often for school-related purposes. Sara didn’t expect the variety of options for classes at Deer Creek either.

   “I didn’t expect so many classes. I thought there would just be some choices and then that’s it. But there are so many classes that I got confused when I was enrolling. I didn’t expect that much,” Sara said.

   She also stated that the precautions here at Deer Creek concerning COVID were pretty much the same, except for a few small differences.

   “I think it’s pretty much the same. My old school is currently online, so that’s the only difference,” Sara said.

   She additionally said that her nerves have settled down since coming at the beginning of the second semester.

   “I think I was way more nervous when I first came because, obviously, I didn’t know anybody and I kind of felt out of place. Nobody really talked to me, besides [giving] directions, so it was a little bit stressful,” Sara said.

   Sara also explained that the campus was hard to navigate at first, but now she’s getting used to it and has made some friends along the way. 

   “Like the campus, for example, it’s really big, but I think it’s easier [to navigate] now that I know some people and I’m getting used to it,” Sara said.