Virtual vs. Traditional Learning

Anna Kurian, Reporter

   The main question on everyone’s mind right now is: Is COVID ever going to go away? A lot of people are anxious during this time and not to mention, especially, about going back to school. Schools are limiting interaction between students, requiring face coverings, and even giving options between virtual or in-person in order to slow the spread. Lots of people have different opinions when it comes to going virtual for school or staying with traditional learning.

   Freshman Leah Saji attends school doing A-B schedule, and Sari Driskill was blended for the first semester. They both agree that both options have their pros and cons, but it ultimately is up to them and their family to decide which option is best for them.

   “A-B schedule is way better in my opinion because, first of all, you get interaction with people, and second, you get more time with teachers to see what you’re doing,” Leah said.

   Sari explains that she thinks that virtual is safer, however, she prefers traditional school. And she also states that the amount of work was different in A-B schedule than in blended.

   “The workload was a lot but it’s kinda different because it’s self-paced. But it was a lot, and I only did three classes and it was so overwhelming,” Sari said.

   Leah said that she thinks going remote is safer but Deer Creek is taking many precautions for A-B schedule. And she also says that A-B schedule is definitely turning out to be a lot harder than traditional school.

   “When we were back five-days and you missed a day of school, you get caught up pretty easily and have in-class time to make it up, but now, if we miss a school day, you’re doing it online and you get more work on top of that,” Leah said.

   Sari also said that she didn’t like coming to school in the middle of the day, but she did like the fact that she didn’t have to get up as early. And Leah says that she doesn’t like how you’re split up from your friends because of A and B group, but she does like that it forced her to get out of her bubble and make lots of new friends.

   “I actually met a lot more new people, knowing that I have to make friends. I can’t stay in the same friend group or the same people I talked to last year,” Leah said.