Old Year Caused Fear, New Year Might Bring Cheer

Gracie Hendrix, Editor

  2020 was a year that seemed like no other. Between wildfires, a global pandemic, lockdowns, riots and protests, a crazy election, and so much more, it was mostly filled with tragedy and pure insanity. 

  However, as everyone knows 2020 is obviously over now and people can only review the unbelievable year in their heads. 

  “The worst part of 2020 was definitely the  COVID-19 pandemic, for obvious reasons… It sucked to be in quarantine myself and then my brother had it worse so we haven’t really been able to go outside or do any of the things we wanted,” sophomore Alex Bell said.

  There were so many things that went wrong in 2020, for some the worst thing about 2020 was what happened to them personally.

  “I mean my grandpa died. That was pretty bad…He had Parkinson’s he had a couple kinds of cancer, they took him to a surgery that was supposed to fix his Parkinson’s, which it kinda did for a little bit. But the nurse didn’t sanitize the equipment so he got Sepsis and then he got Corona after that and then basically he died” junior Matthew Yarbrough said.

  However, for some 2020 was not all bad. Francis Tuttle was visited by the advisor to the Moroccan King who was there to get an idea on how technology and education can go hand in hand. 

  “The best thing of 2020 was meeting the advisor to the Moroccan King, dude I bowed to him…I didn’t even know if he spoke English,” Eli Sachs said. 

  As it gets further and further into 2021 people can only wait in hope and fear trying to predict what this year will hold.



  “I think 2021 will be slightly better…because we’ve seen what COVID-19 can do to people and hopefully other people who aren’t wearing a mask or aren’t self-isolating will hopefully wisen up,” Alex Bell said.

  “My hope for 2021 is that the world will return back to some kind of normal without COVID-19 in the way,” junior Alyssa Cargill said.

    “I think 2021 will be even worse. I mean you can’t be disappointed if you don’t have expectations,” sophomore Wesley Farnsley said. 

  “I think Bernie Sanders will die,” junior Eli Sachs said.

   “I think the President of the United States will be assassinated…I think we’re all going to die, I think it’s going to be terrible. Honestly. I think life is an endless void and I think there’s just no hope, and I honestly think we should just give up because there’s no point in going on,” junior Andrew Lancaster said.